Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Goofy at iBroidery?

I found this site that has 5000 designs for sale. The site is called iBroidery. They have a lot of Disney designs. They have a neat projects page.
This is really nice. I like this one.

This is the classic Goofy head. There are so many to chose from. 

I am a fan of Disney's Goofy. I did a search for Goofy at the iBroidery site. Here is the search results at iBroidery; Goofy results.

a big guy who is a fan of Goofy plus other things

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Goofy Flash Drive?

It is not easy to find items / collectibles for Disney's Goofy. I have discovered a couple of Goofy flash drives - flash drives that are shaped like Goofy. I did find one from Tribe. It is neat looking.
I found another from Garunk that is really nice. I think it is more inline with the character.
Here is another from Pendrive Origianl. It looks really nice. It is more cute than it being more character like.

Goofy items seem to be on the way out. I have checked the Disney online store. They do not seem to have a lot of Goofy items and it gets less over time. Goofy will always be popular with me. 

I used to have a Goofy theme for my computer but it is unusable when Microsoft upgraded to the newer Win 7, 8 and 10. It was really nice. I found one for Windows 7 and 10.

One of the ID's I use online is BigGoofyGuy. It is also the name of my website.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Big Disney Goofy Guy - introduction

I am a guy who is big and a fan of Disney's Goofy. I think Goofy is funny and cool. I like how he does not usually give up but keeps on trying even though messes up. I find the character to be encouraging.

It is not easy to find Goofy items / collectibles. I find a lot on eBay but not a lot at the Disney store (off line or online). I do like searching for them. I guess the fun in collecting is only part having the item and part looking for them. My collection is small but nice. I did find a Goofy head pillow at Walmart (many years ago) but was not able to find another till recently at Boston Comic Con (2016).
I loved the songs in this movie.
I loved the songs on this movie too. I really liked the part where Goofy does disco. 

I have the movies A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie on VHS, VCD and DVD, and the soundtrack of movies on CD. I am hoping it comes out on blue ray and that one can download it or buy it on a SD card / flash drive.

Disney Wiki Goofy has information on Goofy. There is also some information on Wikipedia - Goofy.

I wanted Big Goofy Guy but it seems it was taken (the Google Blog that is but I do have a web site titled Big Goofy Guy with Homestead. It is more than just on Goofy but also about me and my interests).